Chore Piggy


9 responses to “Chore Piggy

  • Wendi

    The app claims to be a great way for parents and kids to keep up with chores. It is hard to do that without a way to sync between apps. Also would be nice to have a few more chore icons and some sticker icons. Great concept!!

    • chorepiggy

      Wendi-Thanks for the input. We are planning to add some upgrades, and this would be a great one. You can also use your camera or photo album to create more icons for the chores and stickers.

  • Bevy

    Am using a paper chart now w/ my 11 and 9 yr olds. Both have an iPod touch. I have an iPad. When you have a way to sync between all three, I will gladly ditch my paper charts!

    Do you have an idea as to when that may be? And when you will have a full IPad version?


  • Kl

    Love the app but a few things would like change. You have rewards in increments of .25 but I have very young kids. I like to break things in small chunks and reward them .05 per chore. Would be great if you have smaller increments of payments. I like the stickers as I can use to give non monetary rewards. But it would be great if you have a sticker reward chest to redeem. For example 5 stickers for 1 hr tv, etc in which they can choose which reward they want to redeem. Love if u can get an iPad version as I use the iPhone version on my iPad. The resolution is bad if I enlarge and it is too small if I don’t. I agree with others that it would be excellent if we can sync with our multiple devices

  • richard

    so if i want my child to do a chore every day for more than a week, how do I set that up? doing the dishes, for instance. if she’s done it sun, mon, tue,…, till sat, what do i do for the next week? do i need to set up a new chore?

  • Tori

    I also would like there to be smaller dollar amounts like .10 and .05.

  • rhonda

    I am loving this app! My son is doing his chores without being asked! My only complaint is that I cannot sync with his phone. He has to come get my phone to see his chore list.

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