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Chore Piggy

Chore Piggy iPhone App

How many times has your child “spent” their allowance (which they left at home) using your money? Did you ever get your money back? Chore Piggy allows you to keep track of your child’s allowance and chores on your iphone,¬†ipod, or ipad¬†using three major components: Chore Chart, Piggy Bank, and Sticker Chart.

The Chore Chart has several helpful features which enable you to:

Create a chart for each child.
Upload or take a picture of your child.
Assign chores for each child.
Upload, take a picture, or choose an icon for each chore.
Assign days for chores to be completed.
Assign an allowance per day for each chore.
Check off completed chores. (When you check off the chore, the allowance is automatically deposted in the child’s Piggy Bank.)
Deduct allowance for uncompleted chores.
View a history of past chores.

The Piggy Bank has several helpful features which enable you to:

Automatically deposite allowance when a chore is checked off the Chore Chart.
Reset the balance.
Deduct money.
Add money.
Calculate sales tax.

The Sticker Chart allows you to reward your kids with stickers instead of or in addition to an allowance. It has several helpful features which enable you to:

Upload images to create custom stickers.
Redeem stickers for special rewards.

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